What You Can Learn From: Larson Boats

With an innovative new development, Larson Boats is boosting its customers’ satisfaction while taking a load off dealers’ backs.

The company has started producing free walkthrough DVDs for new buyers of certain boat models, reviewing processes like starting the boat, anchoring and the intricacies of the engine.

The purpose behind the videos is two-fold, said Mary Patrick, who leads Larson’s marketing team, heads up customer convenience and works to improve dealer-customer relations.

“When [customers] are on the water, especially with the big boats, if they can pop something in the DVD, it’s a great way to see how all these things work,” Patrick said. “[Customers] don’t have to call the dealer for every little thing. If we can keep the owner a little more educated, it makes the dealer happier.”

A disgruntled boater whose air conditioning unit stopped working in the middle of the night inspired Larson to start making the videos. When something like that happens and dealership personnel aren’t available to help, frustrations can sometimes boil over. If boaters have a DVD letting them know how they might be able to quickly fix things themselves, such incidents might be less likely to happen, Patrick said.

DVDs are currently available for Larson’s LXi, Senza, SEi and Cabrio 310, 350 and 370 boats. The boatbuilder has been working with Florida-based Valrico Productions since model year 2007 prototypes were available to create the walkthroughs.

Dealers have been giving the company positive feedback concerning the DVDs, Patrick said. Some are even requiring their sales and service staffs to watch them as a training tool.

Larson wrapped up work on the DVD for the Cabrio 350 in mid-summer and is taking a break for the model change over and Larson dealer meeting, but plans to pick up production again this month.

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