New Ft. Myers dockominium under construction

FT. MYERS, Fla. – BoatClubsAmerica is building a Ft. Myers dockominium in response to growing demand for boat storage and dockage on rivers, inland waterways, and bays, the company reported in a recent statement.

“Permitting and development of new marina facilities is complex due to strict environmental regulations and ever-changing building codes,” said Ed Ruff, president of BoatClubsAmerica, a marina development company. “The process of redeveloping a marina property requires the kind of in-depth experience only a few can bring to the table. This is part of the reason why marina facilities are dwindling and the price of boat docks has steadily risen. The lack of product in the marketplace is naturally keeping the demand on a steady path.”

“We are currently under construction in Ft. Myers on a 26-acre marina property located on the Caloosahatchee River,” said Ruff. “This property in South Ft. Myers was formerly known as Deep Lagoon Marina – we are redeveloping the entire 26-acres, down to every last seawall under the new name of Ft Myers BoatClub.”

In January, Ft Myers BoatClub opened a sales office on-site and during the past five-months sold 69 slips.

“I’m pretty happy with these numbers, said Trent Carter, sales manager for the property. “We’ve planned for a three-year sales and construction period, and I think we are off to a remarkable start given the tentative nature of the real estate market right now. We have 20 different sizes to choose from and this also takes time to fully consider which size is best for your current vessel, and perhaps a future dream boat.”

At Ft Myers BoatClub, the inside slips will hold most boats up to 42 feet and the wet slips are designed for boats 40 to 85 feet. The inside slips average $75,000 to $270,000, and the wet slips average $256,000 to $625,000. The development will include a 5,000 square foot clubhouse and 40,000 square feet dedicated to boat repair and service – including six work bays. In addition, it will feature two heated pools with waterfalls, a billiard room, an 8,500 square foot on-site public restaurant with outdoor seating, a private banquet room with a catering kitchen for owners, a fully equipped business center and conference room with teleconferencing capability, a fuel dock, a part’s store, and a number of other country club-like services and details. The developer also has donated office space to the local Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Patrick Ruff, general contractor for BoatClubsAmerica, also said it is installing a floating docks system that includes full-coverage of brick pavers.

Some of the areas of the property will be private and only for owners’ use and some of the areas of the property, like the restaurant, service, repair, parts and fuel, are staying open to the general public, according to the company.

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