Jacobs follows through on promise

MINNEAPOLIS – Genmar Holdings Chairman Irwin Jacobs has followed through on his promise last week that he would sue former Wal-Mart marketing executive Julie Roehm if she didn’t withdraw her accusations that Jacobs provided preferential treatment to Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott, including special pricing on yachts he purchased.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, Jacobs, who also owns Wal-Mart supplier Jacobs Trading, claimed Roehm published false and defamatory statements about Jacob’s company’s relationship with Wal-Mart, the Associated Press reported in a recent article.

Roehm, who is suing Wal-Mart after being fired last December, accused Scott of violating the company’s ethics policies by accepting favors and services from its suppliers, such as Jacobs.

While Jacobs told reporters last week that he is friends with Scott’s family and they often vacation together, he denied all of Roehm’s claims.

The lawsuit filed by Jacobs seeks to prevent Roehm and her attorneys from making more false and defamatory statements about him and to force them to work with him to retract the statements, according to the Association Press.

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