Discover Boating Leads Survey

1. Has your dealership received leads from the Discover Boating marketing campaign?

Yes 37%
No 63%

2. If you have used the Discover Boating leads, are you approaching them differently than you would your standard lead?

Yes 16%
No 84%

3. When contacting Discover Boating leads, which method do you utilize the most:

Phone 30%
E-mail 52%
Mail 3%
Other 15%

4. Do you use a unique procedure for selling a boat to a first-time boat buyer?

Yes 49%
No 51%

5. Do you actively market to novices/first-time boat buyers differently than existing boaters?

Yes 37%
No 63%

6. When marketing to prospects or existing customers, what percentage of your communication is via e-mail?

0-25 44%
26-50 34%
51-75 16%
76-100 6%

8. Is your dealership Marine Industry Certified?

Yes 26%
No 74%

9. If your dealership is not Marine Industry Certified, do you plan to become certified?

Yes 58%
No 42%

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