Yamaha Marine plans new outboard facility

JAPAN – Yamaha Marine Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., recently acquired land for a new manufacturing facility in Japan. Scheduled to begin operations in May 2008, the new plant is designed to restructure the Yamaha Marine production system for improved logistics, productivity, quality and safety.

The land obtained by Yamaha Marine covers 118,000 sq. meters (1.27 million square feet). The outboard motor production facility planned for the location will be the fifth operational base for the Yamaha Motor Group in Fukuroi City, after the Fukuroi Plant, which processes engine parts and packages and ships motorcycle knockdown parts for overseas production; the Life Science Laboratory, a research center for the biotechnology business; the Global Parts Center, which began operations in May; and a biotechnology production plant scheduled for completion in October.

Yamaha officials say market penetration of large outboard motors and four-stroke models has necessitated the production of more and larger parts. As a result, officials say the company’s marine manufacturing facilities have been congested workplaces operating beyond capacity for several years.

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