Viking Yachts plans to expand

NEW GRETNA, N.J. – The Viking Yacht Company has unveiled expansion plans to accommodate what it called a “flood of new orders” following the Miami Boat Show, Viking said in a recent release.

The company plans two separate additions to the existing 550,000 square foot manufacturing plant at its New Gretna, N.J., facility located on the Bass River, about 30 minutes north of Atlantic City.

“We will be adding 66,000 square feet of space by joining Building One, which houses our administrative and design offices, the metal shop and parts warehouse, with Building Two, the location of our four production lines,” said Peter Frederiksen, Viking’s director of communications. “This will create a climate-controlled area to spread out many of the larger components used in manufacturing our yachts. With our five-axis profiler able to operate 24 hours a day, we are designing models within models to expand our line.”

Frederiksen said Viking’s 52 Open will be available as an express for fishermen, and for cruisers, a sport yacht model with a hardtop and an open bulkhead.

A 15,000 square foot addition is also scheduled for Viking’s launch and make-ready facility at dockside.

“The more models we create, the more space we need to store the molds after the parts have been pulled,” Frederiksen said. “The added space gives us more room for manufacturing small fiberglass parts and other components.”

Viking said it sold nine boats at its VIP Preview a week prior to the Miami Show, moved another 13 boats in Miami and completed eight more sales in the two weeks following the show.

Viking Yacht is a family owned company that will celebrate its 42nd birthday April 1.

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