ABYC launches online training

EDGEWATER, Md. - The American Boat & Yacht Council has officially entered the online education arena with the introduction of the online version of the ABYC Electrical Certification Review course, ABYC said yesterday in a release.

The course, available at http://www.abycinc.org/educationprograms/index.cfm, is designed for experienced marine electrical technicians, surveyors or interested marine professionals who would like to prepare for the ABYC Electrical Systems Certification exam with minimal disruption to work and family commitments.

“ABYC is excited to offer another avenue in our blended-learning approach for those interested in ABYC's education programs,” said Bonnie Barsa, ABYC education director. “We are continuing to build on the success of ABYC's traditional education program, and based on the popularity of our first online course, we will determine the next step towards future online offerings.”

The course is currently being offered at an introductory registration fee of $95.00 for ABYC members and $195 for ABYC non-members. This fee also includes the cost of the ABYC Electrical Certification Study Guide ($25.00 value), which can be downloaded online after the student has registered. Once registered, the student has 90 days to complete the course.

This new online course is divided into two modules with a quiz immediately following each module, which provides immediate feedback to the student so they can gage progress being made and to guide the student's next steps in the learning process. Based on the results of these quizzes, students will then be guided to take either the certification exam or recommended to sign up for the ABYC Electrical Certification class prior to taking the actual exam.

For those who want to experience online learning for the first time, ABYC has also launched a free online demonstration course and free online placement exam. These two offerings provide the student with no-risk exposure to ABYC's online courses and tests before committing to the expense of the actual online review course.

The free placement exam is designed to help interested students determine if they are a candidate for ABYC's Basic Electrical course (entry level), Electrical Certification course (advanced), the online review course, or that they are prepared to take the Certification exam.

“Introducing these courses is the first in a series of steps that ABYC is taking towards creating a truly global technical education community,” said Skip Burdon, ABYC president. “While there will always be a need for both classroom and hands-on practical learning, we believe the application of user-friendly, convenient and informative online learning will continue to grow into the foreseeable future.

“It reduces overall travel expenses and time away from work, provides flexibility with 24/7 access, can be accessed using low or high speed connections, in addition to opening ABYC's educational opportunities to a global audience. We are truly pleased to be able to offer this program to the marine industry.”

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