Marine Liens to offer free service

ORLANDO, Fla. – Marine Liens Ltd. will offer free use of its lien search and posting site,, it reported in a recent statement.

The company said that demand for the service has been growing since the site was launched in 2001, but that industry contractors have been slow to adopt Web-based lien programs.

“We made the decision to open up the service for free to allow the industry to catch up on the technology and get comfortable with the lien posting and searching process,” said Marine Liens President David Hayward.

Maritime liens can be posted against any vessel world wide, said Hayward, and they can become the liability of a new owner and lender, which could prove valuable for lenders. In addition, contractors can use the site to check for an existing lien. If the vessel has existing liens, the company said, there may be no equity value left for the contractor to cover his outstanding invoice.

“AMTECH members have been using for the last year and have found it to be a great tool,” said Joe De Marco, President of AMTECH. “I’m happy to hear that everyone in the industry will be able to test out the service for free.”

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