NMMA honors seven products for innovation at MAATS

CHICAGO – Seven new products were recognized with National Marine Manufacturers Association Innovation Awards at the Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show held last week at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Roger Marshall, editor-in chief of Dockwalk and vice president with Boating Writers International, and NMMA president Thom Dammrich, presented awards to the winning companies at a ceremony on Saturday, July 10.

The Innovation Awards program, organized by NMMA and judged by BWI, recognizes those products that best meet the following criteria: Innovative distinction from other products currently being manufactured; Benefit to the marine industry and/or consumer; Practicality and Cost-effectiveness.

Winners were recognized this year in the following categories:

  • Aftermarket Electronics (Tie) – Echo Pilot, Collision Avoidance Sonar System and Vexilar, AlumaDucer.
  • Boat Care & Coatings – Performance Metals, Wear Indicator Anode.
  • Hardware, Rigging, Ropes – Imperial Quality Products, 8-Way Adjustable Engine Mount.
  • Safety Products – Skydex, SeaShocks.
  • Trailer Parts & Accessories – Durasafe, Couplemate.
  • Water Sports Equipment – Barton Marine, The Clam Seal.
  • EchoPilot’s Collision Avoidance Sonar System is a wideband active surf zone sonar based on military research that can see floating and semi-submerged objects up to 1,200 yards ahead of the boat in real time. The system transmits using multi-frequency, which ensures greater performance in rough waters, according to NMMA.

    Equally impressing to the judges in the Aftermarket Electronics category was Vexilar’s AlumaDucer, the only transducer designed to transmit through aluminum with zero signal loss. Built like other transducers, it is designed to automatically compensate for the loss of signal strength when mounting a transducer on an aluminum hull, the association reported.

    Performance Metals’ Wear Indicator Anode is a sacrificial anode that includes an embedded wear indicator. When the anode corrodes to the point where it needs to be replaced, a brightly colored spot appears, notifying the boater.

    The 8-Way Adjustable Engine Mounts from Imperial Quality Machining help boaters to mount engines more securely on four or six mounting points, removing the aggravation of inconsistent factory stringers and other challenges boaters face when trying to set an engine, NMMA said.

    In the Safety Products category, Skydex Sea Shocks was recognized for greatly reducing rough water fatigue and chronic injury. Originally developed for Navy SEAL boats, Sea Shocks utilizes high performance cushioning material to absorb shock – up to 75 percent of the impact experienced in rough seas.

    DuraSafe Locks, Inc.’s Couplemate, a trailer alignment device, makes it possible for one person to quickly hook up a boat trailer on the first try. Couple Mate guides the trailer coupler directly over the hitch ball every time, helping prevent dings and scratches to the tow vehicle, and eliminating the need to continually get in and out of the vehicle to check position, NMMA reported.

    The Clam Seal from Barton Marine repairs small tears or punctures in any inflatable – instantly, without glue. After inserting the device into a tear, the Clam Seal allows boaters to make an instant and reliable repair that will last indefinitely until a permanent repair can be made.

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