RBFF fishing license program begins a new season

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Recreational Boating Fishing Foundation is about to kick off its fourth annual State Fishing License Marketing Program, a nationwide effort to increase fishing license sales.

The initiative, which includes direct mail, e-mail outreach, social media and additional marketing strategies, maintains a commitment to increase participation in fishing through license sales, and generate awareness of the connection to state conservation efforts.

The program will roll out in early May in 33 states.

“We are thrilled to have more than 30 states participating in the program this year,” RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson said in a release. “We’ve worked closely with our state partners over the last few years to learn what strategies work for them, and have incorporated some new elements as a result. We hope to provide a successful program infrastructure that is self-sustaining and builds funds for state conservation efforts year to year.”

The state partners have sold nearly 840,000 fishing licenses through the State Fishing License Marketing Program to date. Last year, the program led to the sale of more than 290,900 fishing licenses and permits in 31 states, according to the group. Based on these results, last year’s program also contributed to fish and wildlife management efforts with more than $5.7 million in gross program revenue.

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