New marine communications company launched

KENT, United Kingdom — A new marine communications company, Ocean Signal, was recently launched specializing in the design and development of advanced communication and safety products, according to a release from the company.

“We have been fortunate to bring together an incredibly strong team with many years experience in the development of marine communication and safety products,” said Alan Wrigley, managing director of the new company. “They have worked tirelessly in the development of microwave and other technologies to create a completely new range of products which we will launch internationally. Each of our Ocean Signal products will have undergone meticulous design and research to ensure they outperform or offer more focused functionality to the user and provide total confidence in their effectiveness. We will make sure that Ocean Signal is a company that provides the technology and quality of product that will set industry standards.”

Ocean Signal will launch its initial range in September at the SMM commercial shipping exhibition in Hamburg. In the meantime the company will continue to develop its distribution network in Europe and the U.S.

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