ThreeClix offers marketing solutions to dealers

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – ThreeClix, a new company that utilizes marketing service provider Red Oak Marketing Group’s communication foundation, is now offering real-time lead management, nurture marketing and service scheduling solutions directly to dealers, the company reported in a release.

“With four out of five consumers utilizing the Internet when researching a new product or service, a real-time response for any Internet request is mandatory,” John Trkla, co-owner of ThreeClix, said in the release. “You wouldn’t let a customer stand in a showroom for two hours without any interaction, and the same should hold true for Internet leads.”

ThreeClix said it was founded on the premise that any Web site user should find what they need in three mouse clicks or less and requires only an Internet connection and e-mail address to deploy, after a short training Webinar.

“Instead of having to ‘pull’ brand-specific leads by logging in to multiple OEM websites or applications, the ThreeClix ‘push’ approach gathers all external data and delivers it in real-time to the dealer, even directly to mobile devices,” the company said. “The nurture marketing solution automatically generates real-time messages based on time, event and actions, effortlessly supporting a dealer’s own marketing strategies.”

The ThreeClix platform is being deployed by Nielsen Enterprises of Illinois and St. Boni Motorsports in Minnesota.

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