Taco Metals donates to Grow Boating

CHICAGO – TACO Metals, Inc. has sent in a contribution of $5,000 for the Grow Boating campaign, and more than $1.9 million has now been raised for the “Start-Up Fund” to pay for the creative development and production of the marketing portion of the campaign, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported in a recent release.

“TACO will fully support a well-conceived strategy that aligns all elements of the marine industry’s supply chain with the single minded focus of improving end customer satisfaction,” said John Kushner, president of Taco Metals. “A better boating experience will, unquestionably, grow the industry. The Grow Boating initiative is that strategy.”

Creative development for the Grow Boating campaign will continue over the coming months, and print and broadcast ads are expected to be made available later in the year for dealers to use in their local promotional campaigns.

For information on contributing to the Grow Boating fund, or to contribute online, visit the Grow Boating Web site at www.growboating.org.

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