Westlawn undergoes largest ever curriculum upgrade

EDGEWATER, Md. – The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has released the largest single curriculum upgrade in the school’s history has been released after many months of work and preparation, it reported in a statement today.

This update, made possible by the support of The J. Orin Edson Foundation, is called the “Student Guide 2nd Edition.” It was shipped to all current students, all newly enrolling students, and all graduates for the past two years, free of charge, according to the school.

Westlawn students who graduated more than two years ago (from either the full Yacht Design Course or from Yacht Design Lite), can order the new Student Guide 2nd Edition for $40.00, postpaid in the U.S., or for $40.00 plus shipping overseas.

Over Westlawn's nearly 75 year history, almost all the course material has been rewritten or updated at some point. Nevertheless, there have been substantial changes over the past 25 years, which include changes in composite construction, changes in computers and CAD applications, changes in sail materials, in systems and electronics. The Student Guide 2nd Edition addresses these changes, according to the school, and adds extensive new information on any array of subjects. It goes on to further elaborate and expand on many subjects that were covered in previous course material, including:

  • updated instructions to students;
  • detailed discussion of hydrostatics, stability and weight calculations;
  • sailboat mast and rigging calculation and layout;
  • advanced composite construction design;
  • fin-keel design;
  • the preliminary design process;
  • CAD usage and applications; multihull design and much more.
  • In addition, the Student Guide 2nd Edition contains new, extensive reference papers on drivetrain installations, fuel systems, exhaust systems, and exploring the structural-design considerations of carbon-fiber composites.

    Furthermore, a comprehensive new set of reference drawings from design-office working drawings has been added to the Student Guide 2nd Edition. These include detailed designs for two different aluminum motor vessels (one planing and one displacement); an FRP planing motorcruisers; and the complete set of drawings for a Farr ILC 46 (thanks to the generous support of the Farr Yacht Design). This new reference collection of real-world working drawings will further enhance students’ knowledge of industry design standards and practice, according to the school.

    “Even though the new Student Guide 2nd Edition is the largest single curriculum upgrade in Westlawn history, it is only a start,” said Dave Gerr, director of Westlawn. “We’re committed to an ongoing program of course upgrade and enhancement to keep Westlawn at the forefront of small-craft design education, and there are indeed more curriculum upgrades in progress, which will be released in the next 18 to 24 months.”

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