Pursuit Boats hosts two-day discussion with dealers

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – Pursuit Boats recently hosted its dealers from around the country for two days of discussion about present and future business issues affecting both parties, the company said recently in a statement.

Topics over the course of the meetings included short and long term priorities and goals for the dealers and Pursuit boats.

“We enjoy the opportunity to discuss business challenges and achievements with our dealer organization,” said Pursuit Chairman Leon Slikkers,. “It helps clarify our vision as a company and strengthen our relationships with our dealers.”

The dealers were briefed on new product, sales programs and strategies for business development for the current and future model years.

“Our mutual success in business depends on an open and honest exchange of needs and opportunities, Pursuit boats is that unique company that still believes in building partnerships that ultimately benefit clients looking to purchase a handcrafted precision product,” said Jeff Strong, owner of Strongs Marine, Mattituck and Southampton, Long Island, N.Y.

Other dealers attending included: Jim Power, Allen Harbor Marine; Bill Gilbert, Caribee Boat Sales; Myton Ireland, Ireland Yacht Sales; Lowell Joy, Lakeside Marine; Mike Lambert, Land’s End Marina; Fred Pace, Legendary Marine; Tony Caligure, Ocean Outboard; Brian Conner, Rhode River Marina; John Baiamonte, Royal Palm Marina; Tim McNulty, Stella Marine; Brent Reed, Toledo Beach West; Jim Walker, Walker Marine and Ryan Eastman, WestCoast Marine.

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