Global Marine Insurance Agency

Founded in 1989, the independently owned and operated Global Marine Insurance Agency (GMIA) is one of the most highly regarded marine insurance providers in the country. Global specializes exclusively in insuring a growing mix of marine products, from personal watercraft to mega-yachts to various commercial marine vessels. More than 60 percent of GMIA’s insurance business stems from business partnerships with marine dealers and lenders, ranging from small dealerships to multistate, multimillion-dollar dealerships.

GMIA’s staff of 40 marine professionals takes pride in determining the best option for its boating clients. The company’s exceptional growth is due to its high-quality, fast, accurate and friendly service — characteristics Global constantly strives to maintain. In 2007, Global was recognized with several small business awards, including Inc. 500’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies and the Edward Lowe Foundation’s Small Business of the Year.

When it comes to F&I in the marine industry, GMIA focuses its attention and resources on the “finance” part of the equation. Without financing, in most cases, there are no marine sales, and without insurance, of course, there is no financing. Global Marine helps dealers of all shapes and sizes dot the “i” for insurance in the F&I equation.

GMIA offers three primary incentive dealer programs for dealers of all sizes. One such dealer program is Global Marine’s licensed insurance agency program in which the dealership has a licensed insurance agent on staff. GMIA receives the referrals as part of a contractual agreement and the dealership gets a portion of the insurance commission.

Other dealers may choose Global Marine’s sponsorship program in which GMIA pays a fee to the dealer and participates in boat shows/events and co-markets its products to support their boat sales. GMIA’s Pay Per Lead program is another option for dealer where the dealership receives a predetermined fee for all insurance referrals.

If you are not addressing the insurance question with one of Global Marine’s dealer incentive programs, you are leaving money on the table. With so many options, dealers can find a dealer incentive program that best fits their needs. Contact us at (800) 748-0224 to get a program started today!

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