Sea-Doo continues to push innovation limits with 2021 lineup

By Adam Quandt

Despite a brief slow down in production due to the ongoing pandemic, Sea-Doo hasn’t slowed at all in pushing innovations to the absolute limit. After a successful launch of redesigned models in its recreational segment last year, BRP’s Sea-Doo brand hasn’t rested on any laurels for 2021.

The 2021 model year for Sea-Doo brings forward a completely redesigned platform in its performance segment, along with a heap of new innovations and features to enhance the on-water experience.

Leading the charge for Sea-Doo’s 2021 model year was the launch of the redesigned RXP-X 300.

“This machine is about to redefine the world of performance watercraft,” BRP Marine director of global product management James Heintz said during the global launch.

The 2021 RXP-X redesign has been a multi-year project with the help and input from BRP engineers and Sea-Doo racers.

Enhancements to the 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 start with shedding 67 pounds from its predecessor. And a new T3-R hull with a completely revamped deep-V design provides greater stability at high speeds, something everyone from experienced weekend riders to professional racers can appreciate. It all translates into high performance and a more confident ride, whether doing a high-speed run on a glassy lake, taking on choppy conditions or carving around buoys on a race course.

Additional highlights of Sea-Doo’s new performance machine include a new race-inspired seating called Ergolock R, featuring a new adjustable rear saddle, low-profile handlebars, dual-angled footwedges and deeper knee pockets that all create a special riding experience.

“Every aspect of the Ergolock design is crafted to form a close relationship between pilot and machine,” Heintz said. “That’s why you’ll often hear us say that you don’t sit on a Sea-Doo, you sit in one.”

Boating Industry was invited to central Florida to put the new RXP-X to the test hours before its global debut. Even with the high-performance 300 horsepower supercharged Rotax engine and a 3.6 second zero-to-60 mph time, with the new Ergolock R system and new hull design, we felt in perfect control of the machine in all conditions.

However, Sea-Doo’s big news and innovation doesn’t stop at the new performance platform. For 2021, Sea-Doo unveiled its newest “intelligent” system in the form of the Intelligent Debris Free Pump System, or iDF.

The new iDF system uses a new, separate gear set to engage the driveshaft into reverse to run the impeller in the opposite direction to clear any debris that may be blocking the pump system. The system is easily engaged using the handlebar control and will run for up to 12 seconds.

“Now riders can have the peace of mind knowing that if they do explore a new area with weeds and debris, Sea-Doo offers a system that will clear the water jet pump at the push of a thumb,” Sea-Doo product specialist Tim McKercher said.

The new iDF system will be available standard on the 2021 GTX 300 Limited and Fish Pro, and be available as an option on the GTX 170 and 230.

“Debris such as seaweed and other vegetation is a constant challenge for riders, regardless of whether they’re taking a joy ride on a lake or running weed lines offshore like I do,” said Bri Andrassy, Sea-Doo Fish Pro ambassador. “The BRP design and engineering teams listened, and this revolutionary new iDF technology is going to be a game-changer to make it an easier, less-stressful ride.”

With inspiration from the other BRP brands, Sea-Doo brought over a completely new display to its GTX Limited. Sea-Doo’s touring flagship model will now feature a new 7.8-inch full-color LCD display. The high-resolution display will give riders access to a wide array of system information, along with access to a variety of applications using BRP’s smartphone app. The infotainment center can be completely controlled via directional pad on the handlebars. As with almost any new product year, Sea-Doo didn’t just roll out a stack of innovations across a few different platforms. The company also launched a variety of new color options and various accessories all aimed at making personal watercraft ownership and riding a true lifestyle, and keeping people out on the water longer. 

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