Oru Kayak launches convertible two-seated origami kayak

Oru Kayak, makers of the original origami-inspired folding kayak, has unveiled the Haven, an all new convertible tandem kayak.

After years of customer request, Oru designers took on the challenge to create the company’s largest and most ambitious kayak design yet: a two-person origami-inspired kayak that can quickly and easily convert to single-person occupancy. The Haven is Oru’s largest kayak design to-date — 20 percent larger by volume when fully assembled — but only a few inches larger than standard Oru models when folded into a compact box.

Oru’s new Haven kayak assembles in approximately 10 minutes. Going from box to boat is simple with the help of intuitive folding patterns and color-coded stitching to mark which straps correspond to which buckles. Converting the kayak from double to single-person occupancy is a matter of attaching the rear footrest to the front of the kayak and reposition the seatback (visual cues printed on the boat help with assembly).

The Haven is equipped with a proprietary and patent-pending universal rail system that runs along the top of the kayak sidewalls. The new rail system enables the Haven to be compatible with a wide variety of accessories, including an all-new portage strap, fishing equipment, cup holders, and camera equipment.

The Haven is also Oru’s most stable boat with a beam measuring 31 inches wide. When folded into a box, the Haven is the world’s only tandem kayak designed to be carried by one person.

“Every feature of the Haven has dual purposes,” said Oru chief designer and company co-Founder, Anton Willis.

When the kayak is fully folded up into its own shell, the two floorboards act as a protective case to hold the Haven together while transporting or storing as a compact box. Color-coded stitched- loops are used to attach seats and foot-rests when fully assembled, and also as clips to fasten the kayak’s box when folded.

Oru aims to make on-water recreation more accessible for all people, and thanks to origami, Oru kayaks can be stored and transported just about anywhere. 

The Haven is available for pre-order on Indiegogo Sep. 17 through Oct. 16. Final product is expected to be delivered March 2019.

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