Marketing Challenges, Solutions & Best Practices

In talking to people around the marine industry, we’re often told that marketing represents one of the greatest unknowns businesses face in their day-to-day operations. “How much money should we spend?” and “Where should we spend it?” are questions we hear frequently from businesses unsure of the approach they must take to market themselves most effectively to potential buyers.

In an effort to help answer some of those questions, Boating Industry magazine conducted a survey of several thousand marine dealers around the country to help identify trends in addition to common marketing and advertising hurdles.

We also interviewed Wanda Kenton Smith, president of the Marine Marketers of America and Kenton-Smith Advertising, to ask for her thoughts and advice. And we compiled marketing and advertising best practices from our Top 100 Dealers that have proven successful for these elite businesses.

Hopefully, the pages that follow will provide some guidance and help clear up a bit of the confusion surrounding this very important component of a successful sales strategy.

Survey says…

Busting out of the box

To market, to market

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