Ethanol alliance cranks up efforts

The marine industry and several of its partners are keeping the pressure on in their efforts to revise the Renewable Fuel Standard.

An advertisement letter was scheduled to appear this morning in the print edition of Politico, an influential Washington, D.C., political newspaper, urging Congress to “Eliminate the Corn Ethanol Mandate.” Forty organizations, including the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and the National Association of Marine Manufacturers signed the letter.

With a growing alliance on the side of reforming the RFS, it seems we could finally be seeing some action in 2014. (Although counting on Congress to do anything these days admittedly seems an exercise in fantasy.)

Still, from discussions with government affairs folks at NMMA and MRAA it seems we could be nearing a critical mass on the issue, especially as farmers and others come out pointing to the ethanol mandate’s role in driving up food prices.

Just last week, several groups testified at a hearing on the RFS, seeking Congressional action.


See the full letter and list of signatories here [PDF].


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