Dealers and marinas choosing the correct fuels and fuel additives for today’s new fuels

With changes in fuel blends over the last several years, dealers need to pay more attention than ever to the fuel they make available and the fuel additives they put on their shelves for boaters to purchase.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel Fuel sold at Certified ValvTect Marine Fuel Marinas throughout the country are specially formulated for marine engines. Both fuel types contain the correct additives in the right proportions to assure boaters receive the maximum benefit from their fuel purchase. ValvTect Marine Fuels go beyond typical “automotive” gasoline and “truck” diesel. By adding additional refinery proven additives like stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, moisture control, proper detergents, biocide and other components, hardworking marine engines are kept in like new condition and achieve the maximum performance level and fuel economy they can achieve.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline

ValvTect Marine Gasoline is specially formulated to protect and enhance the performance of hard-working marine grade gasoline engines. ValvTect Marine Gasoline exceeds the most stringent industry standards for performance. It contains a state of the art gasoline detergent that goes “Beyond Top Tier” type performance equivalency of improved fuel economy and performance from the clean-up of power robbing engine deposits. In addition to this state-of-the-art detergent package, ValvTect Marine Gasoline also contains corrosion inhibitor and moisture dispersant to help fight the effects of 10 percentethanol gasoline which makes up the majority of this nation’s gasoline supply.

Fuel containing extra corrosion inhibitor and moisture control is important, because ethanol can hold up to four times as much moisture as traditional gasoline. While bad fuel or phase separation can be a nuisance, it can be fairly easily solved by simply replacing the fuel. Corrosion, on the other hand, can lead to engine failure. Additionally, extra gasoline stabilizer protects engines during periods of nonuse and protects gasoline during storage for over one year. This assures boaters of easier starts and a better boating experience every time they go out.

ValvTect Marine Diesel

Diesel boaters know all too well the problems with diesel fuel like bacteria, water, corrosion and poor lubricity, just to name a few. Some of the increases in these problems can be traced back to the introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel. The solution to these and many other problems can be overcome by using ValvTect Marine Diesel fuel.

This unique, specially formulated diesel fuel contains BioGuard biocide to help prevent bacteria. This filter-plugging headache can ruin any boaters day. BioGuard biocide has been proven to be one of the most effective in preventing the formation of bacteria. Additionally, ValvTect Marine Diesel provides these other important benefits:

  • Lubricity improver lubricates fuel pumps and injectors to prevent premature wear.
  • Diesel fuel is stabilized for over one year and can double fuel filter life.
  • Corrosion inhibitor prevents corrosion to protect the entire fuel system.
  • Moisture control disperses water to help prevent sludge and extend fuel filter life.
  • Increased cetane allows the diesel fuel to burn more completely to reduce smoke, soot and harmful exhaust emissions.
  • Concentrated detergent cleans-up injector and carbon deposits that can reduce fuel consumption as much as 6 percent as documented by the SAE Type II Fleet Fuel Economy Test.

Where boaters purchase fuel is important. Unfortunately, it is all too common for gasoline and diesel storage tanks at marinas to contain excess water and other contaminants such as bacteria and debris. These contaminants can be pumped into boaters’ fuel tanks and can cause an engine to shut down or cause permanent damage. The presence of ethanol gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and biodiesel makes this situation even worse.

To combat this problem, all Certified ValvTect Marinas must have their fuel tanks tested before they are allowed to sell ValvTect Marine Fuels and up to twice a year thereafter once they become a Certified ValvTect Marina. This testing, plus special hydroscopic fuel filters that are required to be installed on all ValvTect Marinas’ fuel pumps, helps to ensure boaters that ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel are free of contamination.

Marinas that do not pass the test must have their tanks treated, cleaned and retested to be free of contamination before they can sell ValvTect Marine Fuels. Marinas that pass the test are awarded a “Certification of Contamination Free Storage Tank” certificate that can be proudly displayed at the fuel dock.

While the program is costly and time consuming, ValvTect believes it is essential to provide boaters ValvTect Marine Fuels that will not only provide better performance, but also prevent fuel-related engine problems caused by fuel pumped from a contaminated fuel tank.

When ValvTect Marine Fuels are not available, dealers and marinas can purchase ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment for gasoline or BioGuard Plus 6 for diesel to supply their customers with equivalent performance as ValvTect Marine Fuel. These popular aftermarket containers are sold at most marine distributors nationwide.

ValvTect Petroleum exhibits at many of the major marine distributor shows as well as FLIBS. Dealers and marinas are always welcome to stop by the booth to get the latest information on fuel and additive trends affecting the marine industry.

For additional information, please contact ValvTect Petroleum products at or call them at 1-800-728-8258.

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