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Boating Industry 2017 Top Products

50 of the best new products for the boating industry For the fourth annual Boating Industry Top products list, we’ve selected 50 of the best new or updated products and services for the marine industry, ranging from accessories to boats to engines and more. To be eligible, products had to have been introduced or significantly updated since January 2016. From ...

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At the Helm: It’s all about product

More than anything else, it’s new product that pushes boat, engine and accessory sales.  Whether it’s a new, more efficient engine or a feature-loaded boat model, boaters are driven to pursue the latest, greatest thing. Without innovation, there’s no burning desire to buy. We know that – and we also know that new product information is one of the most ...

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Marine Sales Group: A new focus on growth, acquisitions

The last couple of years have seen an upswing in dealer consolidation. An improving market, an aging owner base and easier access to capital have made it an attractive time to buy a boat dealership or marina, especially for those who can realize some economies of scale. In the marina segment, we’ve seen Safe Harbor and Suntex scooping up marinas ...

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Have you earned the right to win the sale?

In previous issues we’ve talked about the process your boat buyers go through, called the “Educational Spectrum,” and how you can take advantage of your competition’s lack of understanding by offering the “researchers and evaluators” the information they are searching for already. But as I wrote earlier, it could backfire on you if you don’t provide an exceptional experience. That ...

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Outboard engine sales continue to surge on the strength of constant innovation

The growth in recreational boating over the past several years has been achieved in large part due to corresponding advances in outboard power. It’s impossible to walk through any consumer boat show these days and not be struck by the overwhelming prevalence of outboard engines. From lightweight portables to behemoth V8s, outboard engines continue to dominate sales figures not just ...

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