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Innovation is not a new color

Mark Overbye headshot

By Mark Overbye Confusing innovation with novelty can be lethal. When I started Gekko Boats years ago there were plenty of daily reminders that we swam in a pool filled with sharks. A young company in a capital intensive, seasonal and cyclical business meant continually sharpening our knives. Committed to our craft, we eagerly showed up. When Toyota entered the ...

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Marketing strategies for growth: ADA web compliance and ADA-related lawsuits

By Harry Casimir In the United States, one in five people have a disability. And yet, only 10% of the internet is web accessible. The American Disabilities Act was developed in 1990 and declares that all places of public accommodation remove any access barriers that would inhibit a person with disabilities from accessing the business’s goods and services – including ...

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Marketing strategies for growth: Changes to Google making an impact

Joe Iribarren, Beyond Creative

By Joe Iribarren These are hard times for many businesses across the globe, including obviously boat dealers. Local governments are forcing some to close completely, some are open for parts and service alone, others are selling virtually, and so on. Regardless of your particular situation, everyone is trying to figure out how to adapt to this ever-changing landscape quickly. I ...

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Marketing strategies for growth: Want more sales? Tell better stories

David Gee blog

By David Gee Stories and sales go together. Stories connect us. They can be your differentiator in a crowded, chaotic, commoditized marketplace. That’s because your story is unique. No one else has your founding myth, your organization’s DNA. Stories will help your current or potential clients and customers listen longer and buy quicker. But you – or your products or ...

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