ABYC releases advanced electrical certification course

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The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) has launched an on-demand course for their newest professional certification, Advanced Marine Electrical. The online certification contains new videos, readable content and chapter review quizzes. 

“As electric and electronics systems on recreational vessels become more complex, technicians need to expand their knowledge to provide the service their customers require,” said David Broadbent, ABYC education director. “Continuing education is more important than ever but we know finding time is challenging. We designed this on-demand course to be done at your own pace, outside of a scheduled class so you don’t miss valuable time working in the field.”

The Advanced Marine Electrical course will cover topics such as alternative charging sources, AC power-conversion equipment, and galvanic isolation, as well as introducing the advanced topic of three-phase power distribution and the ever-advancing technology of electric propulsion.

ABYC also offers the ABYC Standards Certification on-demand, arranged chapter by chapter with a comprehensive and focused look at key ABYC Standards.

To learn more about the on-demand Advanced Marine Electrical Certification, visit www.abycinc.org/advancedelectrical. For an overall view of ABYC’s online course offering, visit www.abycinc.org/onlinelearning.

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