Crestliner Awards Angling Aces Student Scholarships

Crestliner Boats has awarded over $20,000 in scholarships as part of its Angling Aces Student Program aimed at educating and supporting youth fishing.

“One of the main components of the Angling Aces program is supporting young anglers, both single students pursuing professional angling, and the teams that are just learning the craft,” said Lori Kneeland, Crestliner director of marketing. “It’s a privilege to be able to give back to the future leaders and lovers of this great sport.”

“I want them to understand that being a part of our team is an opportunity to connect with other anglers and to sustain relationships with like-minded people to allow themselves more opportunities in the world of angling,” said Cliff Mentzer, fishing team coach of O.A. Carlson High School in Brownstown, Michigan.

“Because of this team scholarship, team members are now able to make their fishing and boating experiences more enjoyable, which for a 14 or 15-year-old, is very important,” stated Chris Kuchyt, the fishing team coach at Oak Lawn high schoool in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

In addition to awarding scholarships, the Angling Aces program seeks to cultivate three core principles in these young scholars: enhanced fishing techniques, environmental and resource conservation, and expansive on-water safety knowledge.

Crestliner has made purchasing a boat more affordable for student anglers through its Boat Purchase Program, which allows up to $5,000 in rebates plus factory pricing. The program launched Reelin’ Rewards in March 2019; a new rewards program where anglers earn points for making efforts to develop themselves as student anglers and giving back to their communities.

Crestliner continues to explore new program opportunities they provide to anglers year-round. The company is also the first and only aluminum boat manufacturer offering individual and team scholarships to anglers.

“The Angling Aces program is a continual exchange with young anglers, one from which we are constantly learning,” Kneeland said. “The objective of the scholarships is not just in helping to defray students’ costs, but also in introducing newcomers to the world of fishing. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to expand the support Angling Aces can provide.”

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