RBFF launches initiative to empower women out on the water

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has announced the launch of Making Waves, an initiative designed to empower women and girls to cast off labels and rock the boat – with fishing pole in hand.

RBFF is committed to leading the industry by example and promoting women empowerment on the water by removing perceived barriers to the sport, increasing representation of women fishing and introducing a series of fishing workshops specifically designed for women and girls.

Research shows kids are more likely to go fishing with their mom – a direct contradiction of the idea that fishing is a boys club. Yet, a 2017 study revealed that only 19.3 percent of women and girls thought a fishing participant looks like them. As more girls take an interest in fishing, moms have a great opportunity to shatter the “bass ceiling” and set a strong example for their kids.

“Despite this perceived lack of representation in the sport of fishing, 45 percent of last year’s new fishing participants were female, and that number continues to grow,” said Stephanie Vatalaro, Vice President of Communications for RBFF. “We are proud to be an industry leader in identifying and engaging with new markets to ensure the future of fishing and boating. With this campaign, we’re creating spaces for women out on the water. And we want this initiative to be the rallying cry for other industry organizations to join us.”

In honor of the Making Waves announcement, RBFF is working with partner Fishing’s Future to launch fishing events specifically for women and girls across the country. Fishing’s Future’s mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and promote the sport as a valuable means of connecting kids and families with nature and environmental stewardship.

Making Waves is anchored by a creative campaign featuring female anglers casting lines, catching fish and captaining their own ships. More information about programming for women and other helpful resources can be found at www.takemefishing.com/makingwaves.


  1. It is truly wonderful to learn about this initiative that will surely inspire and make more women feel welcome in the boating and fishing industry! Bravo and thank you! 👏🎣💜

  2. Great News! Thanks for leading the industry in this!

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