RBFF announces new partnership with Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation today announced a new partnership with the Union Sportsmen's Alliance (USA). The new partnership will allow the USA to leverage the Anglers' Legacy brand and mission in the development and promotion of urban fishing events.

"For years, Anglers' Legacy built off the knowledge of experienced anglers to pass the joys of fishing down to the next generation and we're excited to see the brand being carried on in such a positive and much-needed direction," said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. "Increasing fishing participation in urban areas is a challenge for our industry, so this new partnership with the USA comes at a critical time for us. And it's great to be partnering with such a like-minded organization."

Through the partnership, RBFF will grant the USA use of the Anglers' Legacy brand in promoting fishing and boating through urban fishing events, clothing, public relations fundraising and newsletters.

More than just a brand name, Anglers' Legacy will be a rallying cry for the USA to get boots on the ground in the effort to bring fishing and boating experiences to new audiences.

RBFF will also help the USA with promotional materials, including high-quality fishing and boating images and will assist with funding and support for the USA's urban fishing events. The USA will in turn develop, promote and conduct two pilot urban fishing events next year and, upon their success, work to develop next steps to expand the program beyond these initial pilots.

"This year, the USA expanded its reach into local communities and urban areas to create access and new outdoor opportunities, like fishing, to groups that might not otherwise get to enjoy those experiences," said the USA CEO & Executive Director Scott Vance. "This partnership with RBFF and access to the Anglers' Legacy brand and their Take Me Fishing campaign materials will enable us to further develop our fishing events and community outreach as we connect America's Conservation Movement and America's Labor Movement in unprecedented ways."

With the focus on urban areas, this partnership fits right in with RBFF's focus on emerging audiences, including youth, Hispanics and females. These market segments are growing in importance and also trending upward in fishing participation, thanks in part to RBFF's targeted outreach efforts.

In fact, just last year, youth participation rose by nearly 3 percent  to 11 million and Hispanic participation saw an 11 percent increase, to 3.8 million, according to RBFF and the Outdoor Foundation's Special Report on Fishing.

Details on upcoming events will be shared in 2018.

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