Freedom Boat Clubs promote National Safe Boating Week

Freedom Boat Club is celebrating and promoting National Safe Boating Week with a variety of initiatives designed to raise awareness of boating safety.

To kick off the campaign, many of the 130 Freedom Boat Club employees throughout the U.S. and Canada sported life jackets on the job on Monday, May 22.

In addition, a branded Freedom Boat Club National Safe Boating Week and boating safety social meme and poster was designed and distributed for posting on multiple platforms. In addition, some clubs are sharing safety-oriented blogs and images.

Some clubs, including the 17 Southwest Florida corporate locations, are hosting safety-themed member contests throughout the week. The headquarters promotion features a Facebook contest inviting friends to create t-shirt slogans as part of the company’s existing “BOAT SAFE. HAVE FUN” safety program. Current t-shirts slogans include “BOAT RESPONSIBLY. SKIPPER SOBER;” “HEAR IT. FEAR IT. SEE IT. FLEE IT” (lightning); and “WATCH OUT FOR THE WAKES.” 

In addition, the company has partnered with and adopted the Sea Tow Foundation’s “Designated Skipper” program where its members take a pledge at the dock to respect the legal drinking age, take responsibility for passengers and to designate an observer and a sober skipper. Boaters can visit the website to join the initiative and “Take the Pledge.”

“We are happy to add our voice to others in the boating industry who advocate for boating safety as it has always been a major part of our membership focus,” said Freedom Boat Club President and CEO John Giglio. “While we may be heavily promoting this message as part of National Safe Boating Week, truly it’s an ongoing mission that is an integral part of our member boating experience, messaging and culture on a daily basis.

“Besides providing affordable access to boating for our members, we focus and invest heavily in boating safety and education,” added Giglio. “The more educated our members, the more safe and confident they are, and the more fun they have on the water.”

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