Apex Marine announces finance program for Honda outboards

St. Louis, Mich. – Apex Marine, Inc. (Apex) has partnered with Honda Marine (Honda) to provide a new inventory finance program. The program is exclusive for authorized dealers who purchase Qwest, Paddle Qwest and Gillgetter brand compact pontoon boats outfitted with Honda outboard marine engines. Financing will be provided through Northpoint Commercial Finance (Northpoint), an exclusive partner to Honda.

“We’re pleased to work with Honda and Northpoint to help our dealers differentiate themselves in the marketplace,” said Mark Dupuie, president of Apex Marine. “Dealers can use this program to fill out inventory, reduce costs and pass savings along to customers if they choose. It’s an especially attractive offer as Honda is a top brand in the industry.”

Apex is committed to the financial well-being of its dealers and has partnered with Northpoint since 2012 to provide inventory financing, also known as floorplan financing, to its dealer network. Under the new inventory finance program with Honda Marine, dealers can draw on their Northpoint line of credit to fund purchases of pontoon boats with Honda engine packages. The program will provide Apex dealers with specialized, vendor-subsidized financing programs and terms, including an additional two months of free flooring. The offer extends to the entire boat package, including trailer, accessories and freight.
“We offer more four-stroke marine experience than anyone, with engines inspired by our automotive technology and designed for the water with innovations like our 4-Front Corrosion Protection,” Mark DiPietro, senior manager of Honda Marine stated. “We’re excited to share our passion for performance with Apex Marine and their dealers through this innovative financing program.”

“Combining the allure of Apex pontoon boats with the power of the Honda brand will be a win-win,” added Russell Baqir, vice president of Northpoint’s marine business. “Our streamlined financing process and inventory financing will help dealers move faster and be more cost-efficient, and ultimately be more successful. At the same time, the incentive helps Apex and Honda increase their sales to dealers while improving cash flow. We’re pleased to continue to work with Apex and their dealers.”

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