September boat sales up nearly 10 percent

September was another good month for boat sales, with nearly a 10 percent increase over 2014.

That’s according to the latest Info-Link Bellwether report, which tracks boat sales across the country based on new U.S. boat registrations. Bellwether states are geographically dispersed states representing roughly half of the US boat market (varies by market segment and time of year).

Sales were up across the board, with the exception of sterndrive/jet, which was flat from 2014. That’s the best performance for the category since early 2013.

Sales of outboard-powered boats and sportfish boats were both up about 10 percent. The ski boat and PWC categories were both up nearly 15 percent year-over-year.



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  1. I concur, September was a phenomenal month for us as well. In my opinion, the major contributing factor is was the price of gas at the pump. The stock values of the oil companies took a hit, but the boating industry is experiencing a surge and I would imagine the RV industry as well.

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