Brunswick starting new corporate wellness business

Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) today announced the launch of InMovement, a new business dedicated to addressing workplace inactivity and combating the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. InMovement will report through Brunswick’s Life Fitness division.

InMovement will further diversify Brunswick’s portfolio of lifestyle and recreational products, taking the company into corporate wellness, an emerging and growing market category by offering products and services designed to incorporate subtle movement into an employee’s work habits.

InMovement unites healthy behavior with daily job function, removing barriers to workday movement to provide employees the opportunity for improved physical health, fewer aches and pains and increased energy.  In turn, InMovement client companies have an effective tool to help curb rising healthcare costs, and improve employee productivity and job satisfaction.

“We’re going beyond traditional exercise and migrating some of the benefits of the company gym into the workplace, where we can help companies and their employees work in a way that supports their well-being,” explained Brunswick Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dusty McCoy. “While an estimated 15 percent of the population exercises regularly, through InMovement we can serve a broader audience to support those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. The reality is that short bursts of exercise, even an hour a day, cannot combat the detrimental effects of all-day sitting.”

“What drives InMovement is our belief that you should not have to choose between earning a living and living healthy,” explains Life Fitness Vice President Gary Hirschel, who leads InMovement. “We know that prolonged sitting has mounting effects and contributes to rising healthcare concerns. InMovement has developed and tested a systematic approach to enable employees to move more in the workplace that demonstrates stronger results than traditional programs, by blending movement into the workplace routine.”

Born out of the Life Fitness heritage in biomechanics and the study of how movement affects the human body, InMovement brings new proprietary research to workplace planning and employee behavior. At the heart of the InMovement solution are products designed to incorporate subtle movement into an employee’s work habits, like the InMovement(TM) TreadMill Desk which leverages Life Fitness’ leadership in fitness equipment technology and the Elevate Desktop (TM) Series of sit-or-stand desks.

In September, InMovement will showcase the next generation of innovative workplace solutions at the company’s launch event, Sept. 27-30, in Orlando, Fla. In conjunction with the Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress (EHBC), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to corporate healthcare, InMovement will announce its vision for the activated workplace and unveil its new products designed exclusively to support productive well-being.


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