Malibu launches Wakesetter 25 LSV

LOUDON, Tenn. – Malibu officially released the all-new Wakesetter 25 LSV today. The company said the 25 LSV, thanks to its engineering and design teams, is the first time a towboat of this size has featured the agility and performance to match its proportions.

“The Wakesetter 25 LSV has been nothing but fun since the very first day we put it on the water,” said Malibu CEO Jack Springer. “It just blows people’s minds. This is unquestionably the most versatile, highest-performing 25-footer on the market and it has everyone tremendously excited. Our athletes have been raving about it. Every new or redesigned boat we make is built from the hull up to be incomparably versatile on the water and to deliver multisport capability at the highest level. Our customers want to be able to maximize their performance in several watersports, so we build our boats to allow you to reach your full potential in wakeboarding and wakesurfing. None of our Wakesetters is one-dimensional or designed for a single purpose.”

Among all of the 2016 upgrades are the ability to spec the 25 LSV with Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform (including the new Surf Band wrist remote), action-camera mounts on the transom, a power-adjustable helm seat, a reversible WakeView rear bench and a rear-view camera that allows the driver to easily watch what’s going on behind the boat. The 25 LSV can also haul up to 19 people.

“There’s nothing that compares. With its huge, barreling surf wave, truly massive wake, and all of the awesome 2016 upgrades, the new 25 LSV is the boat of my dreams,” said Malibu Pro Team rider Jeff Langley. “Ever since Malibu dropped the El Dorado and ‘Quintuplets’ sneak-peek videos, my phone has been blowing up with calls from friends and fans begging to know more about the 25 LSV and just how epic the ride is. Let me tell you: you’ve got to experience it to believe it. Amazing.”

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