MyTaskit Pro launches as new name for DockMaster, The Boat Village

My-Villages, owner of DockMaster and The Boat Village, unveiled a new brand name for its integrated product today at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

MyTaskit Pro brings together the two solutions, offering users online service coordination with customers, task management, financial management, work order processing, inventory management, point of sale, marina management and sales management.

The new name was inspired by conversations the management team had with pro users across the country about how they interact with their customers, said CEO Kevin Hutchinson.

"If you look at everything they do with their interactions with their customers, it's all about tasks, it's all about the 'to-dos,'" he said. "The task coordination piece of it really jumped out."

To coordinate service with customers, boat businesses use MyTaskit Pro to receive customer task requests online, communicate with owners and captains, respond to inquiries, secure approvals, offer updates and generate reminders when service is due. When customers have a service issue, they use "MyTaskit" -- the customer-facing portion of the program -- to “Taskit” to their service pros.

My-Villages has been working toward this goal since the acquisition of DockMaster in 2013, Hutchinson said, combining the front-end capabilities of The Boat Village with the back-end solutions of DockMaster.

The key ideas behind MyTaskit Pro is to make it easier for dealers, service yards and others to work more closely with their customers. It's a difference from what Hutchinson calls a "disturbing trend" in other industries of companies trying to build solutions and tools that put them between service providers and their clients.

"There are plenty of examples of that, such as Uber, that has inserted itself between car services and the consumer," he said. "We've always been about how do we build technology that enables service pros to do business with their own customers electronically."

MyTaskit Pro also offers benefits for coordinating internal tasks, Hutchinson said. Companies can use MyTaskit Pro to coordinate tasks between technicians, managers and subcontractors. In the back office, boat businesses can use MyTaskit Pro to process work orders, order parts, automate their accounting, generate bills, and more.


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