Independent Boat Builders Inc. and Attwood expand relationship

LOWELL, Mich.  – Independent Boat Builders Inc. (IBBI) has signed a new five-year agreement naming Attwood as the preferred vendor for EPA-certified fuel system components and navigation lights. With this new contract, the IBBI, on behalf of its prominent member boat builders, also chose to grow the partnership to include Attwood’s new line of Light Armor underwater lights as well as a one-year agreement on Attwood’s bilge pumps and aerators.

“Attwood is grateful for our long-term partnership with the IBBI and its member boat builders on our industry-leading fuel systems, navigation lights and bilge pumps. We are particularly excited to partner with IBBI members on Attwood’s new Light Armor underwater lights, which lead the industry in brightness, durability and value,” said Brian Scott, Senior Director, Attwood.

Attwood remains the marine industry leader in EPA- and CARB-certified fuel components, navigation lights, bilge systems and aerators, and Attwood’s new Light Armor series of underwater lights will provide IBBI members with the most powerful and durable underwater lighting in the marine industry.

“IBBI and our members are pleased to further our relationship with Attwood. We are very happy with the quality of Attwood’s integrated fuel systems, navigation lights and bilge pumps, and the support they provide to our member organizations,” said Tom Broy, President, IBBI.

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