ThinkDEM releases the fifth generation of

OTTAWA, Ontario — Digital Era Media Inc., new age digital media publishers of Canadian marine & powersports listing sites, today announced that it has launched the 5th generation of This new version provides numerous improvements, optimizations, and performance increases. Additional services are also planned.

“Since 2001 we have focused on making a simple and elegant way for consumers to shop for their next new or used boat,” said Chris Perera, Digital Era Media’s President & CEO. “Our 5th generation adds additional search and browse options with an enhanced fresh layout. This version was developed from a clean slate from the ground up utilizing the latest web technologies. We have further optimized SEO for continued and increased rankings in Google for the top boat buying terms. For example, we simplified the URL address for all pages. This makes it easier for both humans and search engines to reference our content. We have added the detection of the visitors’ location and display the distance to each boat listing, by default we show the closest boats first. This is particularly important to respect dealer territory for new boat sales. Other refinements include advanced image gallery, tabbed sections to view detailed boat information, and drop menu navigation bar. To support the increasing demand, we also upgraded our server infrastructure to provide a faster user experience.”

ThinkDEM plans to have continuous releases of that includes email alerts of new boat listings, boat engines & trailers, and an innovative call tracking system. The 5th generation of runs on the unified platform that also powers,, and, resulting in a streamlined marketing solution for marine & powersports dealers.

ThinkDEM produces as part of their suite of websites. is the most popular destination for Canadian boat buyers and sellers with over 1.17 million unique total visitors annually, offering targeted exposure for boat manufacturers, dealers, brokers, and aftermarket parts & accessories. has established 4,200+ social network followers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Direct content from has been shared on social networks over 100,000+ times in the last year. can be seen at:


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