B.I. Book Club: Made to Stick

A few recently published business books stand out amidst the slew of marketing texts for their readability, originality and actionable approach. “Made to Stick” is one such book, sharing with the reader six key qualities an idea has to have to transform the way people think and act.

Whether your goal is selling a boat, boosting your brand’s exposure or convincing your boss to embrace a new initiative, your approach should feature simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotion and stories, according to authors Chip and Dan Heath, a Stanford business school professor and a researcher/consultant. They bringing their research to life through a slew of real world examples, as well as exercises the reader can use to try out the concepts themselves.

While the book has been labeled trendy due to its similarity to texts like “The Tipping Point,” which the authors admit having been inspired by, the difference between their entertaining perspectives on what many consider dry topics is the ease with which “Made to Stick’s” readers will be able to apply these concepts to their lives and businesses.

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