Interviewing tips

Provide a detailed itinerary to the candidate(s) and anyone from your company who will conduct interviews. Assign each interviewer specific and unique topics to be covered and questions to ask. Try and limit downtime for the candidate.

If the candidate is coming from a long distance (6+ hours drive time), think strategically about flight itineraries (ex., no 5:30 a.m. flights if the candidate lives two hours from the airport). Ensure that the hotel you book for the candidate creates a favorable impression. If relocation is involved, allow two hours for the candidate to see the area while they’re in town for the interview. I suggest a guided tour rather than leaving the candidate to find his or her way around.

Start the interview with a facility tour; it’s a nice icebreaker and it gives the candidate perspective as he or she interviews throughout the day.

Use behavioral-based questions. They typically begin with: “Tell me about a time when you….” (ex., …were forced to make an unpopular decision.”)

Close the interview by providing a detailed timeline for the next step. (ex., “We will be back in touch with you next Friday to let you know how we’re moving forward.”)

Source: Neal Harrell, president, Brooks Marine Group, Inc. ( BMG is a management recruiting firm serving the recreational marine industry. In addition to its retained search and recruiting operations, Brooks Marine Group operates the on-line job board and employment site,

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