Blogging: Should you start?

As most people may have noticed, blogs are everywhere.

Since the beginning of the Internet, blogs have been a “thing,” but in recent years they seem to have exploded onto the digital scene. There are now millions of blogs online, on basically any topic you could imagine. You’ve probably thought to yourself at one point – should I start a blog?

Blogs are popular for good reason, especially when used as a business strategy – which is currently a major trend in digital marketing. One good reason to do it? You can earn search engine optimization and credibility for your dealership through the content that you write and the keywords within that content. At a higher level – and the ultimate goal of blogging as a business – you can earn customers and sales by building authority and trust through the valuable content that you share.

For example, let’s say you write a blog post about a specific boat model you sell at your dealership that’s perfect for beginner wakeboarders. Within the post you talk about the boat itself – its features and functionalities, the reason it is superior to other models, etc. You also talk about the basics of wakeboarding, maybe including some advice or tips for beginners. You might even include information about local lakes to go on, or what kind of weather and time of day is best for wakeboarding – details that go beyond what is expected, but are of major value to the reader. Within this post, not only do you have tons of keywords that will attract search engines – about boats and boating gear, wakeboarding as a sport, and local-specific keywords – but you’ve also proven your dealership’s authority to those interested in the topic who come across your post.

Beyond driving traffic to your site and showing your business’ expertise in the industry, running a blog also helps your business build and foster relationships with customers. You may even create a community of readers who regularly visit your blog for new posts. Blogging creates a way to connect with boating enthusiasts on a personal level, which in turn makes it easier to sell them your products.

There are so many options when it comes to the platform that you post your blog on, but nothing beats your very own dealership website. This way, if your blog content pops up in search engine results you’ll be driving traffic directly to your website. Your site is earning the SEO benefits of that content as well, helping it move its way up in organic search results.

Lauren Labunsky is the public relations manager for Dealer Spike, a company that provides innovative websites as well as a suite of powerful online advertising solutions that help marine dealers help increase sales and service profitability. For more information, visit or call 800-288-5917.

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