Find your next employee on Facebook

Starting last week, Facebook users in the U.S. and Canada can search and apply for jobs directly from the social site. This follows recent research from ADP that showed 14.4 million Americans used social media to find employment (present company included). The ADP survey also showed 73 percent of companies had successfully hired employees using social media.

Businesses can now post jobs (for free) through their profile pages and users can search nearby listings and quickly apply with an “apply now” button. If users choose this option, Facebook automatically fills in basic information, similarly to when you use LinkedIn to apply for a job.

The new Jobs feature is going to make this even easier to find employees on Facebook. And, it saves job seekers time, which is a huge convenience for those looking for a new job while currently employed or in school. Searching my own area, I found a full-time job for a cycle counter, a heavy duty operator, a sales representative and an insurance agent. All of those don’t sound nearly as great as working in the boating industry.

If you haven’t tested the new feature yet, it would be worth checking out. As the industry struggles with finding good employees for open positions, utilizing creative recruitment tools can help us find fresh faces.

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