Involving your entire company in social media

Most – if not all – of your employees are spending plenty of time on social media.

So how can you leverage that to boost your business? Depending on the size of your business, involving your employees in your social efforts can greatly increase your reach.

It’s about more than just having your employees share info willy-nilly, though, according to Social Media Examiner. You also need to make sure your efforts are coordinated and that everyone understands your social media strategy.

The article outlines five tips for “getting everyone onboard the social marketing train.”

  1. Provide a single tool for centralized communication
  2. Create a place for everyone to participate in brainstorming
  3. Feature your employees’ social posts on the company blog
  4. Spotlight employees in company social media updates
  5. Monitor and share your success to build employee pride

Read more details at Social Media Examiner.

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