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How and where to cut expenses

Nearly every marine dealer has been faced with the inevitable task of cutting overhead expenses. Those few lucky ones who have not faced this daunting task will probably end up having to face it in the months ahead as it appears sales will not measurably improve in the near term.My clients, when faced with this unpleasant assignment, do not know ...

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When your door is no longer darkened

I hear the same story from nearly every marine dealer I talk to now. It goes something like this: “Nobody is coming to my showroom anymore.” If this is your scenario, maybe it is time to change how you encounter your prospects. First let’s look at what we can expect looking into the future of the marine industry: Our customers ...

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Be Safe But Not Sorry

The fact that the marine industry is currently going through a difficult period of time is not news to any of us. Some dealers, however, are prospering while others are wondering just how much longer they can hang on. The principal difference between the two is simply this: Those who are prospering have solid business plans in place and are ...

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