Keller Marine and RV appointed as new distributor of Xantrex Products

Xantrex has announced the appointment of Keller Marine and RV as the newest distributor of Xantrex products.

“We are really excited to have Keller as an important distribution partner. Xantrex seeks motivated, capable and respected partners who will do well with our brand and really add value to dealers and installers. Keller has all of this and more,” said John McMillan, Director of Sales, Xantrex. “We are looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with Keller Marine and RV.”

Mike Keller, president of Keller Marine and RV, also echoes the enthusiasm around this partnership. “We are really excited to be stocking and representing the Xantrex line.  Xantrex is a well known and respected brand, and compliments our current product offering very well.”

The impact of this partnership is expected to be significant for RV dealers and service centers in the Northeast. In particular, the appointment of Keller Marine and RV as an official Xantrex distributor will ensure that dealers have quick access to industry leading products in the Northeast therefore effectively expanding Xantrex’s reach in the North American RV aftermarket, Xantrex said.

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