Global Yachts enters joint venture with ARB

MIAMI – ARB Marine Group Inc. has entered into an agreement, in the form of a joint venture, to expand Global Yachts operations in retail and service sales in the U.S. for its existing yacht brands: Sealine, Uniesse, Baia and Allure yachts, Global said in a recent release.

ARB Marine Group – which is a unit of Nesco Inc., a privately held international company with diversified holdings in several areas including marine operations – is also the parent company of Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group Inc., one of the nation’s largest dealers of luxury yachts, brokerage and services.

“This joint venture is another important step toward expanding our marine investments in the USA and will further enhance ARB’s growth through diversified product lines, thereby allowing its companies to serve an increasingly greater segment of the boating market,” said Robert J. Tomsich, president and CEO of Nesco and chairman of ARB.

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