Volvo Penta intros new 6.2L V8 engines, inboard joysticks

Volvo Penta showcased two new V8 engines and its new Joystick for Inboard system Thursday at the Miami International Boat Show.

The innovations are part of Volvo Penta's continuing "Easy Boating" strategy, designed to make boating more enjoyable and accessible to consumers, said Ron Huibers, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas.

Volvo Penta's new aluminum 6.2L V8 380 and 430 hp models are based on the General Motors Gen-V block. Working with GM allows Volvo Penta to leverage the technological advances of the auto industry, Huibers said.

“These new-technology engines provide our customers with proven quality, reliability, fuel economy and performance,” said Huibers, as he outlined several benefits of the new engines:

  • All-aluminum block for highest power-to-weight ratio
  • Direct fuel injection providing better low-end torque and fuel efficiency
  • Standard closed-loop fresh-water cooling with no internal parts exposed to raw or salt water
  • Wideband oxygen sensors to optimize the engine for varying fuel quality and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 95 percent
  • Variable valve timing to optimize torque across the full acceleration range

The 6.2L engines are the latest of Gen-V marine engines, joining the existing 5.3L V8s and 4.3L V6s. According to Volvo Penta, the new V8 380 has 24 percent quicker acceleration and is 11 percent more fuel efficient than the engine it replaces in the Volvo Penta line. The new V8 430 – the most powerful model in Volvo Penta’s marine gasoline engine lineup – delivers 14 percent faster acceleration and provides 10 percent better fuel economy than its predecessor.

Volvo Penta on Thursday also highlighted the Joystick for Inboard system. It is the first and only joystick for twin inboard shaft installations that includes both docking and driving modes and integrates all five steering components: thruster, rudders, gear shift, slip and throttle, Huibers said.


In the docking mode, the system uses a combination of engines, bow thruster and rudders to provide smooth and precise maneuvering with no stern thruster required in most applications. In the driving mode, the joystick provides fully integrated autopilot steering and boat handling in all sea conditions. The system is compatible with all electronically controlled Volvo Penta diesel engines from 110 hp to 900 hp in twin applications, and integrates  with the Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit.

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