Weekly 5: New crowdfunding effort for Miami Marine Stadium

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1. New crowdfunding effort for Miami Marine Stadium (Video)

The city of Miami has launched a new crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Heineken in another attempt to restore and revitalize the Miami Marine Stadium, reported CBS Miami.

The park and basin around the stadium are the site of the Miami International Boat Show.

The “Save Your Seat” campaign will reward South Florida residents with “unique perks” for supporting the project, the station reported. A crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo has also been started to collect donations. Heineken said it would match up to $40,000 in the initiative’s first two weeks.

2. Maine state agencies to consider lower ethanol blends

Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) has issued an executive order directing all state agencies to implement a purchasing preference for gasoline blended with 5 percent or less of ethanol, when the fuel is of a comparable cost to gasoline blended with a higher concentration of ethanol, NMMA reported.

The executive order also calls for the Office of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention within the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct a study regarding the human health effects of emissions produced by the combustion of ethanol containing gasoline and the effect of increasing ethanol blends on emissions.

3. Editorial urges Connecticut to revise boat tax laws

Despite a recent recovery, those working in the boating industry in Connecticut are still worried about the state, The Day reported.

With that in mind, the paper is calling for the state to realign its boat sales and use tax structure to make it more competitive with neighboring state.

4. Yacht owners unhappy with Washington Marine Tourism Bill

Washington’s Marine Tourism Bill, passed into Washington state law last year, has been getting mixed reviews, the Puget Sound Business Journal reported.

The law allows yachts registered as an LLC – as most super yachts are – to stay in Washington waters 180 days before a 10 percent tax on the value of the boat is imposed by the state of Washington.

According to critics, the new law is causing less work for yacht repair and maintenance service and less time in town for big-spending yacht owners on vacation.

5. Nurture your leads to overcome a dying sales funnel

The buying experience has certainly changed, but the sales funnel is far from dead, says Marketing Profs.

Lead nurture, or drip marketing, can help get the funnel going.

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