Iosso Live Well Cleaner

Similar to its Cooler Cleaner, Iosso’s Live Well Cleaner is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable, making it safe for use in live wells or spaces that contain food products such as coolers and refrigerators.

For a live well application, the product couldn’t be easier to use; pour roughly half of the four-ounce tube into the live well and circulate the pump or sponge down the area that needs cleaning. After 10-15 minutes, pump out the biodegradable mixture and rinse with clean water.

For our test we used the cleaner on a variety of different boat compartments and tackled any stain in its way with ease, all while not leaving behind any odor or residue.

Iosso’s Live Well Cleaner is definitely a cost-effective, environmentally safe cleaning option for any boater.

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