Liqui Moly receives Wurth Group sales award

LIQUI MOLY USA announced it has been honored with the Sales Growth Award from the Würth Group. The award was initially presented during the Würth Congress, a significant event attended by around 1,400 participants from various Würth national companies and allied businesses worldwide.

The Würth Congress, held over four days, provided a platform for sharing future strategies, featuring numerous short lectures on specialized topics, and announcing key personnel changes within the Advisory Board and Foundation Board. On the final day of the congress, the Würth Group leadership conducted an awards ceremony, celebrating the top three performing companies in various categories.

LIQUI MOLY USA’s sales growth was recognized in this esteemed ceremony and therefore rewarded with the Sales Growth Award. The company’s performance was personally acknowledged by the Würth Group leadership, including Ms. Bettina Wuerth, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of Würth Group.

The award was proudly presented to the whole team by Salvatore Coniglio, Director Export of LIQUI MOLY, flown in from Germany. On behalf of the German management, he extended heartfelt thanks for the remarkable efforts and commitment demonstrated by the US team.

“We are incredibly proud of our team for this well-deserved award,” said Uli Weller, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY. “Your hard work and dedication have been instrumental in achieving this recognition. We wish you continued success and an excellent outcome for your future endeavors.”

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