Rossiter Boats experiences double-digit growth

Rossiter Boats announced it is currently experiencing double-digit growth. In the past 12months, the manufacturer’s dealer base has doubled, it has introduced a new 20-foot boat, for which the first year’s production sold out before the first boat came off the line.

“There is value to building boats using leading edge materials and technology, but at the same time, doing it the traditional way… building boats one at a time, by hand each and every day, thanks to the support of our retail partners/dealers,” said Rossiter Boats President Hanson stated during an interview.

In the last month, Rossiter has added six new dealers: Paris Marine, Hampton Watercraft & Marine, Seagate Marine, Woodlake Marine, Atwood Lake and Yachting Solutions in Coastal Maine.

“We’ve been in high-end boats for 15 years now and Rossiter fits perfectly into our product mix. It’s not just the manufacturing of Rossiter that’s impressive … equally important to us, it’s how they treat and respond to customers that really sets Rossiter apart,” said Tommy Gaston, president of Seagate Marine Sales, Inc in Stuart, Fla.

Tony Villareale, president of Hampton Watercraft & Marine in New York, also chose Rossiter because of its quality. “Our customers demand quality, and Rossiter delivers on every level.”

“A customer introduced us to Rossiter. We were so impressed with their quality and classic retro-style, we took on the line,” said Greg Alcock of Woodlake Marine.

Since Hanson took over Rossiter 10 years ago, these sleek, streamlined boats have evolved and expanded into a line of boats offering the ultimate in style and function, while employing the most up-to-date design and building techniques of any boat on the water thanks to their staff and consulting designers and engineers.

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