Company offers steering repair services to dealers

ADKINS, Texas — Boat Steering Rebuilders is a new marine industry business offering steering repair services to dealers.

“Most boats on the water today powered by more than 100 horsepower are equipped with hydraulic steering,” the company said in a release. “When a boater brings a dealer a problem with this important system, typically a leaky cylinder or helm, a tech can take one of two routes. Either he can replace the seals and see if that fixes the problem, or he can recommend replacement with a new unit. Now there?s a third option, having the unit rebuilt by Boat Steering Rebuilders, LLC.”

Butch Castleberry, owner of the new venture, has more than 30 years of experience in the design, operation, repair and remanufacture of hydraulic systems, including recent training at Teleflex Marine’s Hydraulic Steering facility in Richmond, BC.

The company will offer their rebuild service directly to marine dealers. Steering ram assemblies and helm pumps will be removed by a dealer’s technician and sent to the Boat Steering Rebuilders shop in Adkins, Texas. According to the company, once the original parts are logged in, they are disassembled and each component is cleaned, analyzed and tested.

Worn, bent or damaged components are replaced with new, factory parts, all internal fluid reservoirs are cleaned and new seals and seats are inserted.

Rebuilt systems are charged with fresh oil, and bench tested to rated pressure levels to assure satisfactory performance and sent back to the dealer who can then reinstall the parts and deliver the boat to the customer.

“In addition to potentially saving the consumer the cost of buying a new ram or helm, Boat Steering Rebuilders can also save the dealer time and money,” the company said. “Techs can simply remove the steering ram and/or helm and ship it Boat Steering Rebuilders. There is no need to invest in special test equipment and tools. In addition, dealers can then concentrate on other repairs to get a customers boat back in the water more quickly.”

The cost of a rebuilt ram or helm is usually about half the cost of buying a new unit and turnaround time for Boat Steering Rebuilders is typically five to seven days, according to the company. Dealers are advised via phone of any unforeseen problems. Once a system is repaired and tested, it is packaged and shipped back via FedEx or UPS. Rebuilt steering rams and helms carry a one-year limited warranty.

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