Yamaha takes education courses online

KENNESAW, Ga. – Yamaha Marine Group announced today it will begin to offer online education courses in an effort to increase the reach of its Yamaha Marine University sales education program and to better meet needs of its dealers.

“We’ve surveyed dealers, and they’ve asked for product knowledge and sales training courses as online modules,” said Martin Peters, Yamaha Manager Communication and Dealer Education. “Using YMU Online as the tool to deliver the training will save dealers’ time and money.”

In the fourth quarter of last year, Yamaha Marine Group’s district marketing (field) managers taught an integrated product and sales course for Yamaha’s 2,200 dealers at some 50 locations around the country.

“That approach worked well for us and may work again in the future,” said Peters. “For now, using YMU Online to deliver training will reduce the travel demands and costs for our dealers. It also means more dealer employees can participate. What’s more, it will be available all year, not just in the fall.”

Two YMU Online courses for sales professionals will be available to dealers through the Yamaha Marine Business System starting at the end of the month. Yamaha Marine University launched YMU Online earlier this year as a way to simplify the registration and tracking processes for all YMU courses, both dealer management training and technical courses. YMU Online is available to Yamaha dealers by clicking on the YMBS “Education” tab.

YMU says it remains dedicated to instructor-led training for the majority of its offerings, particularly technical training.

“We will consider using online education if we need to reach large groups of people in a short time,” said Bob Popiel, Yamaha Marine Group Assistant Division Manager, Service. “For technical training, though, the ultimate form of interactivity is between people in a classroom. Online education is a tool, not the whole toolbox.”

The new YMU Online product module, “Why is Yamaha Your Best Investment?” is designed to highlight the features and benefits of Yamaha’s products. The new YMU Online sales module “No Bad Sales” seeks to provide salespeople a clear process for selling. Both modules are designed to engage the student by incorporating real dealer examples and experiences.

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